Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, not yet.  It really falls on Monday.

Since I plan on playing Diablo 3 until my eyes fall out, however, I thought I would mention it now.

I turn the ripe old age of 52. I have many thoughts about turning two years older than a half century, but mostly I think on the changes coming up in my life.

By the end of June I hope to be moved into a duplex, preferably near water, that has room for my two cats, my dog and whatever family members need to stay or visit.

This summer I plan two finish the edits and decide on the cover for Mother of Sorrows in preparation of eBook and hard copy independently published editions.

In December of this year I graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

May your year be as exciting and fulfilling as mine appears.  

Happy My Birthday


My Happy Place

Life is a little chaotic just now.  I am in the second to last semester for my Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies. I need to move in the next two months. My office is getting new carpet and paint, so I am working out of a roller bag and eating out of a sack lunch. Summer is coming and schedules change.

There really is nothing for it but to keep putting one step in front of the other.

And while I would much rather *go* to  my happy place, I can only go to my happy place.


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Thoughts on Privilege

Embedded in this post will be a link to a Street Leverage short presentation I absolutely loved. (It is not captioned for the ASL-Impaired.)

Stacey Storme explained many things for which, until that day, I had no words. Here is what I learned:

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Snippets of stories

Does it happen to you?  Do you ever get just a snippet of a story and wonder where it will lead?

It happens to me all of the time. One of the short stories in "Interesting Times" began as a dream: I saw a serpent snaking across a bedspread that turned into a landscape. The next thing I knew, I had a short story about Aisa becoming Queen.

More recently I was working on the world I now write in, Kathal. I needed a story about a time long ago, and the following came out.  Not only does it serve the purpose in the original story, but it was the impetus for my most recent NaNoWriMo.

As I return to Kathal around my school work I will try and share more snippets.  Maybe you will learn to like Aderyn and Dugald as much as I do.

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