I need a new word...

I was reading a post a friend and fellow writer put up on Facebook. In it was a suggestion: writer, forgive thyself.

The issue at hand is the advice that one must write every day to be a successful writer.  Of course, that implies that if one does not write every day, one is doomed to failure.

Now, I make no mistake that I have yet become a 'successful' writer - if success is decided by book sales. I am far from successful.

However, I must agree with the aforementioned post.

On the one hand, I do write everyday - I just cannot promise I write anything regarding my current work in progress everyday.

You see, besides writing (my passion) I also have a day job where I interpret for deaf students or am on call to do so for 40 hours a week. I mentor upwards of ten colleagues every week. I also work at least 4 hours a week in video relay to keep in the loop of what happens outside of academia as well as to provide a service I know is appreciated - think about how hard it would be to do business unable to hear those stupid "please listen carefully as our menu items have changed" messages.

On top of those commitments, I am finally within sight of completing my bachelor's degree.

To sit in front of a keyboard and ignore this blog, that homework, or whatever research I need to do my jobs effectively would be as criminal as the advice saying I am a failure if I do not write on my wip daily makes me out to feel.

So every day, when I choose which of these many projects to set my attention on, I must forgive myself.

More important to me is that I think on my work in progress daily.  I know, sounds too much like the "think system" from The Music Man, but it really works.

Every day, one of my senses reminds me of my story. While doing homework for a class, a visit to a museum allowed me to see up close the sort of harp Aderyn plays. While driving through the Blue Dome district, I could smell stews that Ronar could have cooked. While waiting at a signal, I overheard musicians on the sidewalk playing chords that would have fit in any medieval setting.

Every day, my story is with me.Therefore, when the chaos clears and I sit down in front of a keyboard focused on the world I created, I may pound out 40k words in three days.  

You see, I never stop "writing," but I seldom write.

So...I need a new word....


Have you been following...?

During this crazy time that I have been packing, moving and unpacking, Heather started up another blog about all of the Tulsa area historical markers she has collected images of.  I hope you have been keeping an eye open for her things.

Here is the latest in case you have missed it.

Hope you all have enjoyed the summer and I hope to be back waxing philosophic shortly.



Aderyn & Dugald 1

Some time ago I mentioned a story snippet that was part of a larger work. This past November I took that snippet and explored it from the point of view of two lads, both young and talented, both feeling the weight of expectations on their shoulders. These are their stories as they told them to me. 

Hope you enjoy Aderyn and Dugald.

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A Disneyland memory

I may have mentioned that I love Disneyland. I come by the sentiment honestly: my mother was a fan before me. When I was a child, she and my dad would pack my siblings and me up into the old Chevy Impala station wagon and we would sing silly songs on the drive down to Anaheim.

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